Use Skype, Facebook Chat And Other Services In Windows 8 With IM+

The famous IM+ Web Messenger has recently released its multi-messenger app for Windows 8. This web service already has applications for desktop (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry) platforms, which can be used to sign to multiple messaging services simultaneously, including Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Gtalk, Skype, ICQ, Jabber and others. The IM+ messenger is also widely used to directly login to instant messaging accounts via the browser.

The IM+ app for Windows 8 is available at the Windows Store, which means that it works in the Windows 8 Metro UI (Modern UI). Like the IM+ Web Messenger and desktop/mobile clients, IM+ for Windows 8 supports all major instant messaging platforms including Facebook, Skype Chat, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, AIM, iChat, Vkontakte, Mail.Ru Agent, Mamba.Ru, SINA Weibo, Odnoklassniki, Yandex Chat, Mig33, Renren and Jabber. Such a feature can be immensely useful for tablet users who might wish to login to multiple instant messaging accounts to manage them under a unified user interface within the Windows 8 Metro UI.

IM Plus

IM+ for Windows 8 comes with the option to send text messages and photos, support for group chats, multiple account logins and the option to setĀ  a mood as a personal status message. To download the IM+ app, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Windows Store from the Metro Start Screen.

2. Press Win + Q to launch the Search Charms and type IM+.

3. Select IM+ from the main page and Click Install when the Windows Store page open up.

Alternatively, you can use the method mentioned in this post: How To Install Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 Classic Desktop.

Mood As Status Message

Once the IM+ app is launched, it displays all available services on the main screen. Popular social networks are listed at the left side of the main screen, whereas the rest of the services are listed on the group at the right. To use a service, simply select it from the main screen and enter your login credentials. Some services (e.g. Facebook) will require account permissions after the sign in to work.


All connected services are listed under the Accounts section. From here you can also Remove or Disable (Disconnect) individual messenger accounts from the IM+ service.


To check which of your friends are currently online, click Contacts option to open theĀ  Contacts menu. This will display your online contacts from all connected accounts.


IM+ is a free app that can be easily downloaded from the Windows Store link given below.

Download IM+ For Windows 8