Vimeo’s Free HD Video Editing App For iPhone And iPad

There has been a new Vimeo app released for iOS and Vimeo users , that can shoot and edit videos from your hand held i-device. The supported devices include iPod, iPhone and iPad. It can be particularly of interest for Apple users as Apple’s own application known as iMovie is worth $5, whereas this one is available for free. You can download this official Vimeo app from the download link given at the end of this post.

With this Vimeo app, users can upload, edit, manage and watch videos right from an i-device. Vimeo (app) provides an easy mechanism to get your videos online, with easy to use tools to share the uploaded video publicly or privately. This application requires iPhone 3GS or 4G and iOS 4.0+ and comes with the following features:

Video Editing Features

• You can capture video with focus control and grid alignment.
• You can combine, edit, and trim your videos.
• You can add transitions, effects and titles to your videos.

Vimeo Integration

• Add music and recordings.
• Control volume levels.
• Save edited videos to a camera roll or upload them directly to Vimeo.
• You can watch and manage all your existing Vimeo videos and download them to a camera roll.
• It provides a quick search functionality to find videos on
• You can easily upload your raw footage or edited creations in HD or SD
• Videos can be pause and resumed during the uploading process.

Miscellaneous Features

• You can replace existing videos.
• It provides the option to edit title, description, tags, privacy and credits.
• You can share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, as well as via Email or SMS.
• You can add your clips to your Groups, Channels and Albums
• It provides stats on daily plays, likes and comments

• You can watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, “Watch Later” queue, or videos you have liked.

For more information, check the video given below.


Get Apple’s Vimeo on the iTunes App Store