Watch Free Movies And TV Shows On Windows Phone With Crackle

Ever wanted to watch your favorite TV Show episodes and the latest movies on your Windows Phone for free? Try Crackle. Unlike Hulu Plus, you do not require signing up or paying any fee to watch movies or TV shows. Crackle resolves the problem of being unable to stream all the good content via Hulu from outside USA. While Crackle does not support all countries, however there are a number of workarounds that you can apply to use it. Crackle is currently supported within USA, UK and Australia, however you can benefit from this app if you have a Windows Phone I.D. registered in any of the supported countries.


Crackle provides a similar functionality to the Android based Droid Streamer app, which also allows watching free movies and TV shows. Although signing up for a Crackle account is not necessary for using the app, it is better to create an account so that you can manage your watch list with convenience. Users who are signed in are displayed with 4 screens, including the Featured area which shows a list of popular movies and TV shows, as well as separate menus with a lot more movies and TV shows (unlike the main screen which shows a handful of titles).

Movies and TV Shows

You can even sort movies according to filters, such as genre or browse through the list based on the popularity or date of inclusion to the Crackle database. The videos are available for a limited time only and replaced with fresh content on a regular basis. The date when a video is expired is written below the main title and ratings.


You can not only maintain a personal watchlist in Crackle but also view a recommended watchlist. The Crackle app is smart enough to suggest content based on what you have watched in the past, as well as the general popularity of an item. Crackle is a free app and no charges are taken from users for streaming movies and TV shows.

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