How To Customize And Select A Windows 8 PC That Matches Your Budget

I have been testing out the latest Windows 8 operating system and started using it since the earlier builds including the Developer’s Preview edition. Recently, I got a mail from Microsoft that provided me with some very interesting information, including their latest discount offer for upgrading to Windows 8 for just $39.99, as well as a link that provided me with the option to find  a Windows 8 PC that might suit my budget and needs as a user.

Shop Windows 8 PCs

Find A Windows 8 PC That is Right For You

To find a Windows 8 PC that’s just perfect for you, go this link: Download And Shop Windows 8. You will be given an option to provide some basic information (via a Microsoft Recommendation Wizard) to find a PC that matches your needs and budget. This information is gathered in a short questionnaire after which you are shown recommended Windows PC and tablet models.  Click Get Started to continue.

Get Started

Windows 8 Portability Requirement

In the first step of the wizard you will be asked to select the portability that you require for your Windows 8 device. For example, will you mostly use your Windows 8 PC at home, occasionally take it with you or always require taking it on the go? Select an option to proceed further.

Windows 8Portability

Windows 8 Performance Requirement

In Step 2 you will have to specify your required usage. Here, you can select features such as a Windows 8 PC with minor features, one that is just good enough for web surfing, emails, chat and the like or a PC/tablet that can handle resource intensive applications like Adobe PhotoShop or AutoCAD programs.

Windows 8 Shop Wizard

Windows 8 Multimedia Playback Requirements

In the next step, select your requirements for the use of multimedia content such as movies, YouTube playback and photos.

Multimedia usage

Windows 8 Gaming Requirements

Whether you are a hardcore PC gamer or just want to play Angry Birds, select your gaming requirements to find out what PC or tablet may suit your needs.

Gaming requirements

Windows 8 Requirements For Professional Work

During the wizard you will also be given the option to choose whether you require Windows 8 for office work. The professional requirements will help determine a Windows 8 PC or tablet that may be suitable for your professional requirements.

Windows 8 Office Requirments

Your Budget For A Windows 8 PC or Tablet

Last but not least, you will be asked to select a budget for your tablet or PC. The options are Less than $2000, Less than $1000 or I’m not sure (if you wish to weigh your options).

Your Budget For a Windows 8 PC

After the wizard is complete, you will be shown various Windows 8 tablets and PCs which may be suitable for you. In case you don’t like the given recommendations, you can scroll down to see more models at the All Recommendations section.


Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Offer

In case you wish to upgrade to Windows 8 for as low as $39.99, simply head over to the link given below and find out if you are eligible for this limited time cheap upgrade. Windows 8 Upgrade Offer.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer