The New iPad: New Features, Technical Specifications And Review

If you have been wondering why Apple named its new tablet as The New iPad instead of iPad 3, then you need to hold this device in your hands. The New iPad is much like Windows 8, it is iPad Reimagined. In the wake of rising competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Asus Transformer Prime, Apple seems to have completely redesigned their iPad tablet. No wonder they named it something as novel as “The New iPad”. In what is to follow we will walk you through the extraordinary features of this device and provide you with the pros and cons of buying this “Resolutionary” new iPad.

Some would say that The New iPad is the same as iPad 2, with a slightly more juiced processor. However, this isn’t really true. With a Quad core support for both Verizon and AT&T’s fancy new LTE networks, The New iPad brings an astounding 2048 x 1536 Retina display. The display of The New iPad is the best display ever featured on a tablet and probably also on a mobile device. The display screen is quite efficient in displaying all kinds of media content and text, which seems to be an answer to the text reading clarity that Kindle devices have been boasting about. In fact, Apple has clearly out gunned Kindle Fire for now.


Apple - The new iPad - It’s brilliant from the outside in

The New iPad Retina Display

The new iPad, which was rumored as the iPad HD or iPad 3 seems to have more than lived up to its rumored names. It has delivered something that can perhaps be considered as more than HD or just the 3rd generation of iPad tablets. Its crystal clear retina resolution can be compared to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It offers a resolution of 2,048×1,536–or 3.1 million pixels. Furthermore, Apple has also provided a display comparison between iPad 2 and The New iPad on their website. You can move the available magnifying glass around the available area to determine the clarity of text readability. You can try this out on Apple’s website from this link: Retina Display Test.

For The New iPad, Apple has also cut the price of iPad 2 in an effort to stay competitive with its lower priced competitors, (Kindle anyone?).

Apple - The new iPad Retina Display

The New iPad Processor Performance

The new iPad has debuted at a time when rivals have saturated the tablet market Android based tablets. Gone are the days when Apple was dominating the market. In fact, just last years the iPad 2 was enough for Apple to stay as the leading tablet manufacturer in the global market. However, The New iPad might change apples fortunes. The latest version of iPad features an A5X processor, which has been upgraded from the A5 chip used in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. According to Apple, the A5 chip is twice the speed of  Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor, whereas the A5X is 4 times quicker.



The New iPad Battery Life

According to Apple, the battery life of The New iPad will remain the same, which is approximately 10 hours, though it will drop to 9 hours when it is used on 4G.


The Good

The superior display and improved processor performance is no doubt a plus point and is one of the stand out features of The New iPad.

The Bad

Despite performance enhancements, the battery life is a big disappointment, considering that it will reduce further with 4G networks. Moreover, the price is still higher than many competitors, which still makes Kindle Fire more viable for some users. It is understandable that Apple is charging a higher amount for its feature rich and market leading brand, but some would like to see a reduction in price and might also start opting for cheaper alternatives such as the Asus Transformer Pad.

The Conclusion

Unlike Microsoft’s sloppy attempt to reinvent portable computing with Windows 8, Apple seems to be using the iPad to revolutionize and revolutionize computing. The iPad sold more units than any PC maker the fourth quarter of 2011. Having said that, Apple, is not immune to competition and the lowering of its 16 GB, WiFi-only iPad 2 to merely $399, and a 3G version to $529 shows the weakness. Despite the price cut down, Apple still faces tough competition from the $200 Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet, Asus Transformer Pad and other competitors such as the PlayBook.