Ubuntu Phone: Smartphone Operating System Announced By Canonical

I have been using Ubuntu since version 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and recently, I even tried the latest version, i.e.  Quantal Quetzal. While my experience of the OS has been mixed, I always thought that there was something missing, until now. Canonical has recently announced “Ubuntu for Phones”, which will be the smartphone version of the operating system which has significantly gained ground in the desktop market. After becoming a viable alternative for the Windows operating system and launching a server OS, this Linux OS is set to become a smartphone operating system, which means no need for workarounds like Installer to Run Ubuntu on Android or other devices. Moreover,  the Ubuntu Phone might even end up becoming a nightmare for Google’s Android OS.

Ubuntu for phones

Canonical Seeking Partner Companies

The Ubuntu website is currently loaded with information regarding this operating system for smartphones and a message stating that Canonical has the need of network operators, OEMs and ODMs to bring the OS for phones. With partners like HP, Dell, Asus and other top tech companies, Canonical should have no problem in finding partner companies who would be interested in bringing this awesome Linux OS to smartphones.

Operator and OEM partners  Ubuntu for phones  Ubuntu

Ubuntu For Phones System Requirements

There are also some system requirements provided on the official website, which provides an insight into what this OS for smartphones is capable of. As you can see from the system requirements given below, Canonical is not starting off with a rudimentary OS, as the smartphone version will be capable enough to handle Quad core processors and multi-touch devices.

Operator and OEM partners  Ubuntu for phones

“The Phone With The Heart of a PC”

Another interesting piece of information available at the website provides details about the powerful operating system which will uniquely be enable to become a fully functional PC. This means that this OS for smartphones might end up replacing smartphones, thin clients, desktop PCs and laptops with a single device.


Message From Mark Shuttleworth

You can find out more about Canonical’s plans from the video given below. Ubuntu for phones – Industry proposition

Ubuntu For Phones Trailer

There has also been a trailer released by Canonical. Check out the below video to see the Ubuntu for phones – Trailer

To find out more about this awesome smartphone operating system, see the link given below. We will keep you posted with the latest Canonical developments as this new smartphone OS matures further during the development stage.

Ubuntu for Phones [Official website]