How to upgrade FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X and PS5

Electronic Arts has released the next-gen update for FIFA 21 ahead of its planned release, which means that players who own the football simulator on PS4 and Xbox One can participate immediately.

The versions of FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S are scheduled to launch on December 4, offering those who already own it on older platforms to update at no additional charge. This is a nice gesture from Electronic Arts, and the upgraded version is now available for new consoles.

Updating FIFA 21 is easy on both consoles, following the same pattern as previous versions that have provided free updates. On PS5, simply go to your game library and access the FIFA 21 icon.

Here, you will see the option to get a free next generation update. Just download the game / update and you are good to go. We’ve tested it ourselves, and the download comes in just under 50GB at the time of writing.

Xbox is a bit simpler. If you are playing on a new console, it will simply install the supported version instead of forcing you to play with backward compatibility.

Both versions support the same set of features, such as improved visuals and performance, along with more realistic game mechanics that the new hardware makes possible.