How To Connect A Computer (PC or Mac) To Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 is not that hard to install (provided your system meets the minimum system requirements). I previously showed you how to install Windows Home Server 2011.

Now comes the tricky part i.e. how to connect a client PC or Mac to the Home Server. In this I we will tell you how to connect a client operating system (PC or Mac) to Windows Home Server 2011 (codename Vail).

To connect your computer to the server, log in to the computer that you wish to connect to the home server, open an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer), type:

http://(servername or IP)/Connect in the address bar and hit Enter.

For example:

  • or
  • http://my home server/connect
  • Alternatively you can go to Start –> Networks and double click on the server name.


This will take you to a page where you will be asked to download the required software to connect to the server. Windows users should select the option “Download Software for Windows”, whereas Mac users should click on “Download Software for Mac”. Once the software is downloaded, run the setup to start the connectivity wizard.

Download software

The first part of the wizard merely explains the benefits of connecting to a Windows Home Server, click Next to continue. In the next step, general instructions are provided to the user. Note: the system must have case .Net Framework 4.0 installed on the client system to connect to the Home Server. In case it is not installed, it will be automatically installed when you hit Next.

Step 2

The system will be analyzed to make sure that it meets the minimum requirements for connecting to the Home server. This process can take up to 30 minutes , particularly if .Net Framework 4.0 is not installed. In my case it took just a few seconds.Step 3

After that, enter the password of the Server to continue with the connectivity process.Step 4

Add a description for identification of your system over the network, e.g. Debs-Laptop.

Step 5

You will be asked whether you wish to take part in the “Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program”, choose your desired choice and click Next.

Step 6

This will install the connection software.

Step 8

When a computer is successfully connected to Windows Home Server, a shortcuts to the Launchpad, Shared Folders, and the Dashboard appear on the Start menu of the connected system. Click on Dashboard, enter the login credentials to connect and administer your server, (depending upon your user’s privileges).

Connected To Server