How To Remotely Access Windows Home Server 2011 & Shared Computers Using Remote Web Access

Although the Dashboard can be used to connect to Windows Home Server 2011. However, to access complete server resources and shared computers, the Remote Web Access feature can be used. There are many ways to remotely access computers on a network. Nonetheless, This method of access uses the cloud (internet) to access the shared computers and home server.

Open the Launchpad (from the Start Menu) and login with your Windows Home Server 2011 username.

Start Menu

Once logged in, select Remote Web Access from the Launchpad.


You will be redirected to a webpage, login with your Home Server Account credentials to proceed further.


You will be logged into a page where all the shared data and computers will be accessible (depending upon your user access rights). You can click on the Connect button (next to the computer’s name) or click on Computers (from the top of the page) and choose a computer or the server to connect to.

Note: To access computers remotely, you will require Internet Explorer as other browsers are currently not supported for using Remote Web Access.


A prompt will pop-up with a message that a websites wishes to run a Remote Application. Click Connect and allow the Remote Desktop ActiveX Client to be installed.

Prompt 2

You will be shown a login screen to connect to your system. Click Connect , enter the remote computer’s username and password and hit OK.

Step 6

This will allow you to remotely connect to the specified computer, including the Home Server or a shared computer.

aatif-PC - Remote Desktop Connection