How To Restrict Shared Folder User Access In Windows Home Server 2011

When sharing folders using Windows Home Server 2011, you can restrict access to specific or all folders from the Home Server. In this post I will tell you how to manage shared folder access for your Vail server to make sure that all users do not have unrestricted access to all files and folders. For instance, it might be a good idea to restrict access to important files for novice users (e.g. a lay user or child who uses the Home Server files) to avoid data loss and damage.

All connected users can access the shared folders from Launchpad, after installing connector software.


To access Home Server (shared) folders, a user can click on the Shared Folders option, however, providing unrestricted access can lead to data loss and data corruption because of a novice user. Following are instructions that can help you resolve this problem.

Access Shared Folders

  • Restrict Access to Folders

This can be done by going to the users Properties from the Dashboard and selecting an access level in Shared Folders tab.


  • Restrict Web Access

Shared folders can also be accessed via Remote Web Access. Restricting a users web access rights is also necessary in order to make sure that s/he is unable to have unrestricted access to important resources on the Home Server. For instance, you can restrict Remote Desktop privileges for a temporary employee or novice user who uses the server.


Since the shared folders on the Home Server can be accessed by a user from the default Windows Network option, therefore restricting a user’s access rights will also deny him/her of access to specified folders.