Problem : Add-MailboxPermission : need some details

Problem : Add-MailboxPermission : need some details

Hi ,

I read the documentation here:

I need to allow everyone to see who booked a ressource (room or whatever) for some of my ressources.

What I tried:
– When you give someone ReadPermission, he can see the meeting’s subject, but not “who” booked the ressource.
– The only way I found is to give FullPermission which is not acceptable for everyone – as anyone can delete a meeting, too.

None of these seems correct:
* FullAccess
* SendAs
* ExternalAccount
* DeleteItem
* ReadPermission
* ChangePermission
* ChangeOwner

Any idea?

(I’m running Exchange 2007 64b on W2K3 64b)

Solution: Add-MailboxPermission : need some details

Give them send as rights – so they can at least log on to resource mailbox and try to find who sent those emails.