Problem: ESEUTIL Error -1022 Jet error IO error

Question : ESEUTIL Error -1022 Jet error IO error

I have Exchange Standard 2003 with service pack 2 running on Windows Server 2003 standard edition, fully updated.  I use Symantec Backup Exec 12 for backup and restore.  I run a nightly backup of the Exchange stores, mail and public.  These are full backups. I want to run an offline defrag of my mail store to reclaim 11 gigs worth of space.  I am want to do a practice run to see how long it would take and what the results would be.

I do a VSS restore of my nightly backup to a temporary directory on my exchange server.  I try to run the ESEUTIL /R command but I get an error saying the DB is in a dirty shutdown state.  So I try to run the ESEUTIL /r E00 /D “path to my DB” and get the error:
Operation terminated with error -1022 (JET_errDiskIO, Disk IO error) after 1.0 seconds.

The restored DB is on a local SCSI drive on the exchange server.  When I run the restore I have BackUP exec commit the transaction logs to the DB but not mount it.

I have also tried this with anti-virus off.


Solution: ESEUTIL Error -1022 Jet error IO error

After restoring the VSS backup you need to ran eseutil /r e00 /d “path to db” /l “path to restore log” /s “path to restored chk file”.
Once you are done with this run eseutil /mh “database absolute path with database name” to check if it is in a clean shutdown state.
eseutil /d could only be run on the clean shutdown database. This is the reason you are getting an error message.