What is the function of WSS_WPG?

Question : What is the function of WSS_WPG?

 Hi there

Does anyone know what function the following local sharepoint groups have?

Or does anyone know where I can find a description of them?

Obviously there is only the administrator account in each of these groups.

Solution: What is the function of WSS_WPG?

Hi, these are the IIS worker process groups (hence WPG) used by SharePoint. If memory serves, they have the following functions:

WSS_WPG contains the accounts which run content application pools
WSS_Admin_WPG contains the account which runs the central admin app pool
WSS_Restricted_WPG I’m not entirely sure about, I think it holds the setup account and possibly farm admins, but I’m not sure about this.

In any case you need all 3 for SharePoint to run. Hope that help.