MAPI failure: valid session id does not exist

Question : MAPI failure: valid session id does not exist

I recently installed an appraisal software on the server. There are 5 users who are using it internally. One person uses it through terminal services. There is a feature to email from the software. The internal users can use it fine. The terminal service user gets this error when trying to use the email feature:

Run-time error ‘32053’:
MAPI failure: valid session ID does not exist

I have verified that the default email client is Microsoft Outlook, which is what I want. I also verified that this registry key was set

(default) = “Microsoft Outlook”

The software tech support says it is my problem.

Using Windows Server 2003. Any other ideas?


Solution: MAPI failure: valid session id does not exist

Did you install this application onto a terminal server by chance?

Also, are you running a mailserver in your environment, or is this application trying to generate the mail?

And finally, on this server, is the IE Enhanced Security component installed?