Problem : pbrun_commannd

Problem : pbrun_commannd

Does anyone know what pbrun command does?

is there another alternate command to use and what is causing the error below.

solaris% pbrun /usr/bin/chown -R cbcadm “/upload/cbc/mags/2331”
pbrun4.0.8-03[9656]: 3003.01 Could not connect to a master daemon


Solution: pbrun_commannd

For a setuid program, you write a program that does what you want, and then it is set to be owned by a particular owner (usually root) and the permissions are changed to setuid so that when the program runs, it takes the privs of the owner instead of the privs of the user running it. By making it do exactly one thing and no other, it removes the security problem.

Sudo would work, but sudo generally writes a log record as well.