10 Cool Windows Seven Gadgets And Gadget Packs For Your Desktop

Gadgets are a fun way of getting useful updates and making our desktops more stylish. In this post I will provide you with a compilation of 10 cool Windows 7 gadgets and gadget packs which can help you keep an eye on important updates, get useful new features and lighten up your desktops.


Mosaic (previously known as Metro Home 2) is a portable application which comes with various gadgets which give your desktop the Windows 8 Metro UI look. The available gadgets provide weather updates, picture slideshows and much more. You can see the complete review of Mosaic here.


Mosaic works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Mosaic


Forecaster is another cool Windows Seven gadget which displays the current information and a four day weather forecast from multiple cities. The best feature of Forecaster is that you can add unlimited number of cities to monitor weather updates from. Check out the complete review of Forecaster here or download it from the link given below.


Forecaster works tested on Windows 7, the developer has not specified other operating system but it might work on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Forecaster


G+7 is a Windows Seven gadget for keeping an eye on important Google Plus updates. Just right click on the gadget, select Options and login with your Google account to start receiving Google Plus updates from your stream. In case you find an update interesting, you click double click to open it within another large window. You can also open the feed story in your default browser from View Online option. G+7 can be configured to provide periodic updates according to a user defined time interval, which means that you can choose the time interval after which the feed is updated (for example, every 1 minute).

G 7

G+7 has been developed for Windows 7.

Download G+7

Smart Desktop

Smart Desktop is a Gadget filled application which brings you may stylish and useful gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop. You can check out the complete review of Smart Desktop here.


Smart Desktop works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Smart Desktop

StandAlone Gadgets Pack

StandAlone Gadgets Pack is another cool gadgets pack for Windows, with many useful gadgets. The only downside of this gadgets pack is that it is ad-supported. You can find out complete instructions regarding the installation of this gadget pack here.


StandAlone Gadgets Pack works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download StandAlone Gadgets Pack


It is a bit debatable if Pokki can be counted as a gadget, however, it has gained much popularity right after it’s release due to the utility it provides. Pokki has been built on the Chromium framework and allows pinning web applications for instantly accessing and managing online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, RSS Feeds, etc from the Windows 7 taskbar. You can find out more about Pokki here.


Pokki works only on Windows 7.

Download Pokki


WinThunder is an extremely handy gadget which can help you clear clutter from your taskbar and desktop by adding custom shortcuts to the system tray via this gadget. This means that you will not have to pin a number of applications to your taskbar or clutter the desktop with too many shortcuts. Instead, you can add shortcuts to WinThunder. Find out more about this handy Windows gadget here.


WinThunder was successfully tested on Windows 7, compatibility with other operating systems is not known.

Download WinThunder

Language Translator

Language Translator is another cool Windows gadget which can auto translate text in 43 languages. Just enter text and select a language to translate the text.


Language Translator was tested on Windows 7.

Download Language Translator

HTC Home

HTC Home is a Windows gadget which bring date, time and weather display in an HTC style user interface interface. It comes with a number of skins and provides the utility to launch multiple widgets separately in different styles on the desktop. You can read more about this stylish HTC UI widget here.


It works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

According to the developer, it may also work with other Windows versions such as Windows XP, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Download HTC 3 Beta

Pulmon brings Windows 8 style metro tiles to Windows 7. It comes with different kinds of tile shape widgets which can be added to the desktop. Find out more about Pulmon here.


Pulmon works only on Windows 7.

Download Pulmon