6 Best Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10

As it happens with Microsoft Windows, the latest version takes time to get embraced, and currently, Windows 11 still hasn’t paved its way to the mass user. But Windows 10 is already established among people who have jumped ship from Windows 7 and Vista (although, not many used Vista anyway).

In this article, we will see some cool gadgets for Windows 10 that can help you customize your experience with the operating system.

What are Windows Gadgets?

Desktop widgets and gadgets are small, useful applications that operate within your Windows OS. They’re more powerful than regular system tools, providing customizability to an ordinarily staid monitoring station — surprising users with their usefulness while keeping their systems organized.

An app widget is an application that displays its data on the home screen/desktop of a PC device. Like any other application, these widgets can be configured to perform certain actions on click or tap by the user.

Do you really need them?

Desktop widgets and gadgets have been around for a long time, providing users with more than just widgets and gadgets. Desktop tools enable businesses to monitor their digital presence, stay up-to-date on news from the industry, and manage their social media accounts — using handy interfaces that allow them to access their data quickly. You will find out it’s way easier to operate with them than without them. Let’s find out the best ones out there.

Win10 Widgets

Win10 Widgets is a desktop customization app built on Rainmeter — the only program you need to take your computer into the future. With a wide range of features, you can do everything from staying aware of items such as weather and Wi-Fi to monitoring your network activity with absolutely no hassle. Win10 Widgets takes your desktop into the future by providing widgets for things such as weather, battery, music, and more. You can customize your experience and even use your favorite crypto exchanges to buy Litecoin and other tokens.


Rainmeter is one of the very light Windows desktop gadgets. Rainmeter is a handy Windows 10 gadget that comes with lots of great features. With Rainmeter, you can customize your PC to make it look exactly the way you want it to, and with all the different skins and themes available, there’s something for everyone. Some sources claim it takes up to 5% of CPU and just 50MB of your RAM, which is a laughable amount in 2022.


When talking about the best desktop gadgets for Windows 10, it is impossible to ignore AveDesk. AveDesk is a friendly app that lets you build your own desklets in minutes. It’s filled with more than just simple clocks and weather widgets; it’s got stacks of science calculators, educational games and an enormous selection of fonts. The app helps you scale, customize and group all your widgets into one place on your Windows desktop Start menu page. Plus, it will work in both the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and above.


There’s no need to worry about lacking options for customizing Windows 10 — Gadgetarian is a tool that lets you bring your favorite gadgets from Windows 7 onto the desktop. On top of that, you don’t have to wait for your computer to restart. You can access Gadgetarian directly from your start menu or desktop after the installation has been completed.


XWidget is a completely new way of viewing your desktop. It’s a fully customizable Windows 10 widget that gives you access to the most common gadgets, best adblocker, system features, and apps in one place. It boasts high-level animations, and you can edit widgets directly from the app — making it easier than ever to change your whole layout in just a few clicks. Because XWidget was created with usability as its top priority, anyone can use it without any problems or confusion.

Network Meter

Your speed and bandwidth can become a problem as your business grows, especially if you have many people running several different applications throughout your environment. Network Meter helps you keep track of your network’s speed and bandwidth at all times. The app is among the most comprehensive tools for Windows 10 desktops, allowing you to pinpoint connectivity problems with ease.


Desktop gadgets can help you customize your user experience in a number of ways. They’re resourceful and make it easy to keep an eye on things like current RAM or the number of minutes left in today’s meeting — saving you time and stress while increasing productivity.

They can help you see how many percent of the CPU you are using, and even check on the latest weather forecast and trending news, so you can know what’s going on around you. All within a few clicks!