Add Any Program Or Folder To Windows Send To Menu With sendtosendto

The Windows Send To option in right-click context menu makes it easy to move files to system locations. sentosendto is a shell extension which lets you add new entries to the Windows Send To menu located in the right-click menu. You can use sentosento for adding more programs and folders to the Windows Sent to menu. this can make it easy to open and send files using the Windows right-click menu. See below review and screenshots for more details.

Once sendtosendto is installed, it integrates with the right-click menu and provides and additional “Add here” entry which enables adding items to “Send to”.  Click Add here option to get started.


A dialog box will pop up displaying the option to create a new shortcut to the Send to menu. Click Create to continue.


This will add the selected item to Windows Send to menu. Using this Windows shell script, you can easily add items to Send to menu to make Windows right-click menu more convenient.

Send to

sentosendto is an open source software which can be used with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • WIndows 7

Download sentosendto