Add Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8 With StartMenu8

After the exclusion of the start menu in Windows 8, many users have been left stranded by Microsoft to deal with the elusive Charms bar. In fact, if you are new to Windows 8 you might not even know that the Charms bar exists as it is displayed when you hover your mouse to the bottom right corner of the desktop. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible for a new Windows 8 user to determine that the Charms Bar holds the Power button which is used to shutdown the computer. If you are tired due to the absence of the Start menu in Windows 7, there you can get it back by using the StartMenu8 application.

This Windows 8 application has been developed by IObit, which is famous for its anti-malware software such as the iObit Malware Fighter. Like many iObit software, StartMenu8 is a free application.

IObit StartMenu8 Free download, Bring Start Menu back to Windows

You can activate StartMenu8 via the Start Orb or from the Windows key. It is worth pointing out that the Win key by default displays the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen, however, StartMenu8 replaces this functionality as holding the Windows key for 2 seconds displays the Windows 7 style Start Menu in Windows 8. This classic start menuprovides the functionality similar to the Windows 7 Start Menu, including the provision of a search box for quickly locating files and folders from your computer.

Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8

For a demonstration regarding the usage of this app, check out the video given below. This video is also available on the WML Cloud YouTube Channel. How To Add Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8

The only downside of this application is the replacement of the Win key for accessing the Metro Start Screen, as you will require using the Charms Bar to access the Metro based features (instead of hitting the Win key). However, if you are already looking to avoid the Metro UI, then StartMenu8 might just be perfect for you. Another way of acquiring the Windows 7 start Menu in Windows 8 is to use the ViStart application, which is another freeware with functionality similar to StartMenu8.

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