Adds Useful Features To Contacts Pop-Up Window in Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Conversations is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension which provides a conversation view that fetches messages from all folders, and displays avatars of your contacts when you hover your mouse over a contact name within an email. It also adds a quick reply feature, with auto complete, enables to quickly reply to a message thread. Using Thunderbird Conversations, you can integrate a lot of useful mail client features like filter, send message, address book, etc into a small pop-up window, which is displayed when you hover your mouse over an email address or contact name. It also integrates with Enigmail (encryption), Lightning (Sunbird calendar) extensions and supports viewing conversations in tabs.

When launched, the first run wizard appears and allows you to either review the changes which will be applied or to directly apply them. Click Apply Changes to let this extension add new features to your Thunderbird client.

First Run Assistant

Once Thunderbird Conversations is installed, you will be able to view avatars of your contacts when you hover your mouse over their email address within an email. Clicking on the + sign on a contact pop-up information displays further options to send messages, allows adding the contact to address book and for creating a filter for the selected contact.


You can click on Recent Conversations to view saved conversations with the selected contact. Other options work the same way, for instance, you can create an instant filter, copy email address to clipboard and open compose to send a fresh email to the selected contact instead of replying to him/her.



Thunderbird Conversations also provides integration with Enigmail and Lightning extensions.


Download Thunderbird Conversations