Aero Media Player, A Media Player With Windows 7 Aero Glass Interface

Aero Media Player is portable and fully transparent media player by the ASK VG team member Sukmaar Neo. This Windows 7 and Vista based media player has an Aero Glass interface like Mirro Player, with task bar button support for performing stop , pause ,play and volume control functions. It has an outer glow like Windows Media Player 12 and also resembles the WMP user interface.

After launching Aero Media Player , click Open to select a media file to play.


Aero Media Player displays related information about the audio file being played (if available). This includes, the name of the artist, album, compose and year.

Aero Media Player

Like Mirro, this media player also merges with the desktop background due to it’s transparent interface. You can use it to run your favorite song and also to view the underlying windows while keeping an eye on important tasks (such as perhaps an encoding process).


Aero Media Player works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Aero Media Player