Analyze Hard Disk Space In Windows 8 With Disk Falcon

Disk Falcon is a disk analyzer for Windows 8 that has been based on the Ultraviolet Dawn’s game engine. This application displays a pie, bar or doughnut chart to display hard disk usage stats. Furthermore, you can also remove unwanted files after getting your disk analyzed.

Microsoft new operating system i.e. Windows 8 has been built for both tablets and desktop PCs. In fact, the Windows Phone 8 itself is more or less based on Windows 8. Since the launch of the final build for Windows 8, we are now seeing a lot of applications being introduced in the Windows Store. Although the Windows 8 Modern UI(formerly known as the Metro UI) is quite light and the removal of the Aero effect has arguably improved the efficiency of the Windows OS, nonetheless Windows 8 still takes up a significant part of the operating system. This is where Disk Falcon comes in handy.

Disk Falcon

Disk Falcon has quite a visually appealing interface. The Volumes pane shows the current disk drives attached to your computer. In order to initiate a scan click on the Scan Location option and select the drive or folder that you wish to analyze.


Disk Falcon shows real time stats for the files being scanned and the names of the files that are currently being processed is displayed during the scanning process. You can use the Binoption to remove files and folders.


It is worth pointing out that Disk Falcon might take a significant amount of time when scanning your disk. This factor is mainly dependent upon the amount of disk space in use.  You can grab Disk Falcon for free from the Windows Store. This application is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 operating systems.

Download Disk Falcon (Windows Store)

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