Best Key Features of Windows 11

Microsoft is a powerhouse of technological advancements. PC gamers have always chosen Windows OS for its compatibility features and the adoption of game developers from graphics card manufacturers. Before rolling out the upgrade in 2021, testers had nothing but praise for the upgraded operating system. 

Microsoft revealed a range of features in their announcement of the successor of Windows 10 in the previews. Ensuring improved interphase, speed, and graphics for gamers, the previews included the introduction of Build 22000.51 and 22000.100. So, is it any good for gaming?

Is the Windows 11 OS Any Good?

Xbox Corporate Vice President Sarah Bond reported in June 2021 that the OS provides gamers “with superior graphics, amazing speed, and an incredible selection of games.” Be that as it may, you have to consider the following factors:

  1. You can only access the games by paying for a Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate membership. It will help provide a better experience for Xbox and PC gamers everywhere.
  2. The graphics truly are that good. However, it depends on the type of graphic card you use with the RAM and CPU. After all, a bottlenecked design can perform only so much with lower-spec elements.
  3. Auto HDR has done an excellent job of supporting gaming visuals when it comes to Direct X 11 and above. It also supports games even if it does not back HDR natively.
  4. DirectStorage is a feature of the Velocity architecture of Xbox Series X and S hardware which packs off assets right onto your graphic card. Windows 11 offers DirectStorage that benefits from SSD storage. It lessens the amount of workload that burdens CPUs and sends data from the SSD to your graphics card for seamless performance.

As you can see, Windows 11 has found favour among the general population. It surpasses its predecessor on many accounts, mostly due to DirectStorage and Auto HDR. If you are planning on using your Windows PC or laptop to play at online casinos, you are good to go. Windows 11 is also great for online gaming and even supports casinos with EcoPayz or other deposit methods, so you can access these websites without facing any lags or poor graphics.

Read on to know more about the best features of Windows 11.

Top 5 Features That Make Windows 11 a Far Superior Version than Others

Here are the best 5 features of Windows 11 below –

New Start Menu 

The new start menu is the top feature to have graced our screen. Changed from Start Menu to just Start, the feature floats on screen when launched. It also displays recommended and pinned apps for easier and quicker access. The recommendations are pretty useful and relevant to previous usages.

Action Center and UMC  

The updated Action Center provides a range of options in one place. Get a unified spot to access WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth, audio, and battery percentage. You can toggle between systems by simply hovering over an icon. The Universal Media Control option allows you to control the volume of all media playback.

Categorization of Settings Page 

The new view of the Settings page offers a reinvigorated and refreshing outlook. Settings are compiled under categories of menus and submenus corresponding to their utilities. You can also access a static menu on the left side of the page.

Spotlight-Influenced Search 

You can now access the search option apart from the start menu. The search icon beside the menu offers recommended and recently used applications.


Microsoft’s fascination with mobile designs has improved widgets in the next-generation OS. You can access various tidbits of information, including snippets of the news of the day. You can customize it to receive the kind of information you’d like to see.

What We Have Learned So Far?

Windows 11 matches the best features of its earlier predecessors while offering some superb features. The new look sports rounded edges that pair well with the Microsoft theme. The display of new wallpapers and themes are testament to the renaissance of Windows.