Change Windows 7 Task Manager Colors & Grids With Task Manager Modder

Task Manager Modder is a portable tool for changing the look of the task manager by altering its grid lines and colors. Tweaking the Task Manager is not just fun but can also be handy for people who may be color blind, since the default task manager color is green and black.

Task Manager Modder has an interface like the screenshot taking application known as Shotty.To change the color of the CPU, Memory, Grid, Bar and Digits, move the slider from the bottom of the interface. The color options include 6 hex digits values which  can be enabled by checking the Hex Grid option. You can also select other colors by moving the sliders. As the slider is moved to the right, the colors start changing. Each time you move the slider, a different color is selected. After selecting a desired color set, click Mody Taskmgr button to apply the changes. Do bear in mind that it is required that the Task Manager is not open when you apply these changes.

Task Manager Modder

The applied changes are easy to revert and the colors can be changed again any time. To revert back to the original Task Manager look, launch task Manager Modder again and click Restore Taskmgr.

Task Manager

Task Manager Modder works with Windows 7 only.

Download Task Manager Modder

[via ghacks]