Change Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Image With Decor8

Decor8 is a Windows 8 app by Stardock, which allows personalizing Windows 8 Metro UI features. With Decor8 you can change the Windows 8 Start Screen background image, create your custom Windows 8 color schemes, randomize the display of your Windows Metro Start Screen background and also personalize your Windows 8 default row count.

Overview of Decor8 App

One of the biggest disappointment for Windows 8 users has been that it limits your start screen customization options to a handful of background images and a few pre-defined color schemes. Decor8 removes these basic limitations and provides better options to personalize and “Decorate” your Windows 8 Start Screen. The best thing about Decor8 is that you can not only seamlessly customize the Windows 8 Modern UI with images and custom color schemes but also select the stretch, image shuffle time and associated settings of the defined image, just like a Windows desktop wallpaper.

Select And Customize The Display Of Windows 8 Start Screen Images

The Decor8 app creates a shortcut on the Windows 8 Start Screen after installation. You can use this shortcut to bring up the various configuration options for customizing your Start Screen. From the Backgrounds section you can select a background image for your start screen, add a shuffle time to change Windows 8 background image (e.g. after every 10 seconds), select the background image display settings (e.g. Fill, Fit, Not Moving, etc), fade the image against the background (using the slider) and select a custom folder to display images from. To see the selected image in the Modern UI Start Screen, restart your computer. This is because all changes are shown at next logon.

Select Custom Image To Change Start Screen Background

To select a custom folder for rotating or changing the Windows 8 Start Screen image, click Select Folders from the Backgrounds section and specify your desired folder(s).

Create Custom Windows 8 Color Schemes

Using the Decor8 app you can even create and save your custom Windows 8 color schemes from the Colors section. This includes the option to pick a custom color for the Background, Accent, Tile and Text.

Create Custom Windows 8 Color Scheme

Change Default Row Count And Disable Parallax Scrolling

The default row count in Windows 8 cannot usually be altered without a registry hack. However, Decor8 makes it possible to select a default row account regardless of the resolution of your Windows 8 desktop. Furthermore, you can also enable or disable Parallax scrolling (Windows 8 Start Screen Scrolling).

Decor8 Options

Decor8 is by far the best Windows 8 Modern UI personalization app that comes from a reliable developer like Stardock, which has previously delivered many useful applications like Fences, Start8 And Object Dock.

Decor8 Demo Video By WML Cloud

You can also see a demonstration regarding the use of Decor8 from this tutorial How To Change Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Image

It is worth mentioning here that Decor8 is a paid app and costs $4.99. You can also install Decor8 on a 30 day Trial basis. In case your purchase Object Desktop, you can get additional features such as a classic start menu for Windows 8, as well as Fences, DeskScapes and other applications from Stardock.

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