Check For New TV Show Episode Torrents, Universal Torrent Checker

Downloading  webisodes, documentaries and TV series episodes via Torrent is much more convenient than using direct links, as one can download heavy files without the risk of the download being cancelled due to loss of internet connectivity or system shutdown.

Universal Torrent Checker is a free software which is designed to track updated Torrents. For example, you might have downloaded a couple of episodes of your favorite TV show and might wish to check for the next episode, in such a case, just add the Torrent URL to Universal Torrent Checker and it will track for updates.


To track a Torrent, click Add button and enter the Name, URL and optionally an Image URL of the Torrent to track.


Click Check All Torrents to receive updates for newly uploaded episodes for the added Torrent URLs. If the Torrent has been updated by it’s owner, Universal Torrent Checker will show you the old and new Torrent’s page title, so that you can identify that changes have been made

Torrent Checker

Disclaimer: It must be noted that while some shows like “ Mortal Kombat” are freely available, there are many shows that might not be available for free or can have copyright issues regarding their unauthorized distribution. Make sure you select a show which is legal to download and distribute, as we (at WML Cloud) will not be held responsible if you use this software for violating copyrights.

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