CheckDisk Is GUI For Windows Chkdsk.exe Utility To Scan & Fix Hard Drive Errors

Disk errors can eventually result in permanent damage to the hard drive (if not fixed). In the wake of fats paced computer processing and shortening attention spans of lay users, such errors are likely to occur due to anything from force shutdowns to read/write errors (or Logical bad Sector )because of system load. It can be quite frustrating to run the default Windows Chk Disk utility, which works before system logon.

CheckDisk is a convenient disk checking program which provides the utility of checking and fixing disk errors within a Graphical user Interface (GUI). It contains a fast disk checking options to speed up the process of checking and fixing disk errors.It doesn’t bound users and allows using the system normally while important disk checking and error correction is performed.

Just select a disk(s) and an error checking mode (e.g. scan only, scan and fix fast, scan and recover slow, etc) and Click Start. You can check multiple system partitions simultaneously by selecting up to five partitions simultaneously.

The progress of the scan is displayed within a command prompt window. The window exits automatically after the scanning is complete

After the scan is complete, you can see the result within the Chkdsk Result section (as shown below). A log file can also be saved from the Save Log button.

It is worth mentioning here that, the GUI for Scan and Fix does not work with primary partition. You will have to schedule the disk check for the primary partition and fix its errors the conventional way. However, you can scan and fix disk errors for all other partitions and perform scanning for the primary partition. This is quite logical, since the primary partition contains the operating system and requires being taken offline for the errors to be fixed.

CheckDisk is available both with an installer package and in portable form and with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download CheckDisk