Complete List Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts [Hotkeys]

Here is a list of some cool Windows 8 hotkeys which can help you speed u your tasks and also make it more fun to use the new Metro UI. These include some keyboard shortcuts that can be used with both the Metro interface and classic Windows 7 desktop interface. In case you would like to remove Metro UI and keep the Windows 7 style user interface by default, then check out my post: How To Partially Or Completely Disable Windows 8 Metro UI.


To flip open application options. For example, the below image shows the Login options for Tweet@rama application which popped up after hitting this hotkey. You can use this hotkey to also bring forward the tabs in Windows Internet Explorer 10.

Win Z

Win + Spacebar

Changes the language of the keyboard layout. This can be useful for toggling between different language layouts (e.g. French, Dutch, English, etc).

Windows 8 Hotkeys - Windows Live Writer_2011-09-18_21-39-12


Opens “System Utility Settings” Menu at the bottom left corner

Win + Y

Shows desktop view. Using this hotkey you can temporarily hide maximized windows to see the underlying desktop.

Win Y


Opens Search Apps menu so that you can search for application.


Opens search for Settings menu so that you can search for Windows Settings.


Opens search for Files menu so that you can search for Files.


Win + H

Provides access to “Share Settings Pane”, which lists sharing options relative to the currently running app


Disables screen rotation. Can be used for turning off the Gyro reaction to the tablets.


Opens the Windows 8 “Start Menu” (Charms Bar).

Win C


To quickly open Windows 8 “Start Menu Settings”.

Win + K

Opens “Device Settings Pane”, which lists your currently connected devices

Win I


Allows switching between notifications.

WIN + Shift + V

Allows switching between notifications in reverse order.

WIN + Enter

Runs the utilities Narrator, which reads the titles and contents of active windows.


WIN + Page Up

Moves the Metro tiles to left side.

WIN + Page Down

Moves the Metro tiles to right side.

Win Page up  or down

WIN + Shift +

Opens magnifier for maximizing screen.

Win + Shift +Minus

Opens magnifier for minimizing the screen.

Win Plus and minus

Win + B
Go Back to Desktop


Activates the Desktop

Win + J
Switches focus between snapped Metro applications

Win + M
Minimize All Applications


Opens “Run”

Win R

Likewise, WIN+L locks the computer screen and so on.

Lock Screen

Win + Print Screen

Take Screenshot (Saves as PNG in Your Windows 8 Pictures Library)

Win + Pause

Opens System Properties Window

Win + E

Opens Windows Explorer

Win + U

Opens Ease of Access Center

Win + T

Preview Opened Windows in the Taskbar. This hotkey brings up a thumbnail Window from the taskbar


Opens dual monitor settings and secondary projector.

Win + Tab

Opens the Switch List. This is the list of open Metro Apps

Win + .

Snap Application to Left Side

Win + ,
(Aero Peek) Peek at Desktop

Win + Shift +

Snap an Application to the Right Side. This enables Toggling between the Right/Left side and Full Screen.

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll

Toggle Zoom in the start screen.

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll
Change your Desktop Icon Size

Ctrl + Shift+ N
Create a “New Folder” in the current directory