Correct Grammar Mistakes In Windows Live Writer, Grammar Checker Plugin

Grammar Checker Plugin is an open source plugin for Windows Live Writer which corrects grammar mistakes. It has added the functionality which has been long missing in this otherwise excellent blogging client. Grammar Checker, not only provides the correct grammar, style and spelling format for a mistake, but also shows grammatical reasons for the provided correction. It is based on the famous web service known as After The Deadline, which h also has a WordPress plugin for correcting English grammar mistakes.

Grammar Mistakes can not just be caused due to lack of knowledge about the English grammar, but also due to simple typos. For example, one might type “weather” instead of “whether” or “as” instead of “has”. Such mistakes are not displayed as errors by the spell checking facility of Windows Live Writer, as they are not spelling mistakes. However, they can lead to a horrible grammatical mistake. This is exactly the reason why Grammar Checker can be quite handy to identify and correct such mistakes.

Download and install the MSI file and restart Windows Live Writer (if it is active) for the changes to take effect. After that, highlight a text area and select Grammar Checker from the Insert tab to identify errors. It is worth mentioning here that, Grammar Checker uses  “After the Deadlineweb service to check grammar mistakes, therefore, you must be connected to the internet to get grammar correction information.


A new window will pop up, with information regarding grammar mistakes (if any), with explanation regarding the correct grammatical format for writing the particular sentence.

Spelling and Grammar Plugin

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