Create And Print CD/DVD Covers From Images With DVD Slim

DVD Slim is a free software for creating and printing all kinds of CD/DVD covers for Games, Movie, TV Series and other kinds of box art. It provides a list of disc types for creating covers according to precise cover sizes. The available cover sizes include CD/DVD7mm, CD/DVD 9mm, CD/DVD Box, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii and many more. With the help of this simple tool, you can easily create and print disc covers for  your audio, video and game collections according to a defined size.


Select a DVD cover type from the drop down list to make sure that the cover can be created according to the size of the disc type. Alternatively, you can define a custom disc size by going to Tools –> options.

Select Cover Type

To import a cover image, click the folder icon or head over to File –> open image. You can also create an outline for your cover by checking the Draw brink option. The line on the imported image displays the break in the cover, which allows easily identifying the part of the image which will become part of the front and back side of the DVD cover.

Add cover

To add a title to your DVD cover, click Title button and select your preferred stylizing options to adjust font size, color, etc. After editing the cover, click OK to add the title to the cover.


Finally, click the Print button, select a printer, cover quality and the number of copies to print to acquire your DVD cover.


When loading images for creating DVD covers, it might be a good idea to load HD box art covers, which are freely available from the internet. To get these covers you can use Move411 application. For more information, check out my post: Get Free High Resolution Covers For Movies & TV Shows With Synopsis, Movie411. DVD Slim works on the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Download DVD Slim