Create Chapters For MKV Videos In One Minute With MKV Chapterizer

MKV Chapterizer is an easy to use free software, which can be used to create chapters for MKV Video.  It takes just a few minutes to create chapters according to your defined time frame. This can be useful for adding chapters to MKV videos for quickly switching between different segments of a Movie, TV Show,Documentary, etc.

To add chapters to an MKV file, drag and drop it to the main interface of MKV Chapterizer and use the slider to select a time interval for creating chapters. You can select the”Overwrite Old files check box” to completely overwrite the source file. Click Chapterize to create the chapters.

MKV Chapterizer

You can also click on Settings to define chapter interval time for the selected MKV file.


MKV Chpaterizer can create 9 chapters for a 42 minute long MKV file in approximately 1 minute.

Creating Chapters

Once the chapters are made, a prompt will alert you if the process was completed successfully.


That’s all you need to dof or creating chapters for your MKV files.


MKV Chapterizer works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download MKV Chapterizer