Create Your Computer Catalogue With File Marker (Portable)

File Marker is a portable cataloging program that enables categorizing all kinds of files on your computer. These include audio, video, image, documents files, etc. It provides multiple default categories for movies, TV series, documents and programs (e.g. application setup files). You can also create your own category with custom filters to easily locate and catalog content. File Marker also provides the utility to rate and check/uncheck content as viewed. This helps in easily identifying in a glance, the documents, movies, etc that you have not yet viewed. Added files in the catalog can also be opened by clicking on them which eliminates the need to manually search out the files from the hard disk directories and sub-directories.

You can add files to a collection from the Add button (+ sign). For example, you can go to the Series category and add the saved files for TV series to the catalog.

Once you have added files to a category, you can mark them as viewed for ease of identification of the content that you have already viewed. Added files can also be rated and viewing options can be toggled from the given options at the bottom of the interface. The All option enables viewing all files of a category, whereas the viewed and not viewed options allow easy sorting of viewed and unviewed items.

To create your custom collection category, click on the Add Collection option from the bottom left corner of the interface (+ sign), choose an image from the Images option, give a name to the category, followed by a filter name. Click on the check mark to create the collection. Collections can also be deleted and edited from the respective options at the bottom of the interface. This way you can categorize your files in multiple categories (e.g. separate collections for PDF, doc and media files).

File Marker works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008

Download File Marker