DesktopCal Is Free Desktop Calendar With Sticky Notes Functionality

DesktopCal is a free desktop calendar which lets you add shortcuts, sticky notes and files or folders on calendar dates being displayed on the desktop.This helps to remember important tasks conveniently. DesktopCal can use your current wallpaper as its background or loop through images from a specified folder for changing desktop background periodically. By default, it takes less than half of your desktop space which makes it easy to view dates and notes. You can also adjust the size to suite your needs. DesktopCal is not a sticky software and can be exited anytime from the system tray.

DesktopCal acts as an overlying calendar for your desktop wallpaper. It provides a two month simultaneous display and separates the months with an empty line to help differentiate the two months. You can change the number of months and weeks that are simultaneously displayed for easier viewing.

Desktop Calendar

To add a sticky note, double-click date box and enter text.


Administrative Options can be accessed from the system tray.

System Tray

The Display tab (in Administrative Options) allows changing the transparency level, background color of the calendar, the number of rows, months, and week for changing the appearance of the desktop calendar.

Administrative Tools

Likewise, the Pictures tab, can be used to select a folder containing wallpaper images. These wallpapers can be rotated after a selected time frame. In case you wish to use the current wallpaper, select the Capture from desktop option.


You can instantly go to a specific date, and switch between dates, months, and wallpaper by, right-clicking on the  floating button located on top of the calendar.


DesktopCal works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download DesktopCalc