desktube – Free YouTube Desktop App for Windows, Linux, Mac And Meego

desktube Lite is an Adobe Air based YouTube desktop application. It has versions for Windows, Linux, Mac and Meego, with apps coming soon for both Android and iOS. You do not require logging in to search and view YouTube videos. However, you can optionally login with your YouTube account for posting comments, creating playlists and sharing YouTube videos.

The featured videos of the day are displayed at the bottom. You can search for a video by using the search box. All videos are displayed in the Search tab, while the  Related tab provides a list of relevant videos in relation to the current video. lite

To create and manage a playlist, subscriptions, favorites, etc, login to your YouTube account by clicking on any functionality option that is only supported by a logged in user (for example,  by clicking on the Share button).


You can easily sweep through the desired features and experience a clean interface with comments, related videos, playlists, etc in convenient tabs instead of a cluttered webpage. lite  wmltechie

The video size in desktube can be enhanced to many sizes including full screen. You can select numerous viewing sizes and hide the tabbed interface for better focus by toggling between the video options by clicking on the bottom right box (Next to HQ).


desktube Lite works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • Meego
  • Linux based operating system

Download desktube Lite