Disable Internet Explorer Options To Restrict Settings Access With IE Option Disabler

IE Option Disabler is a portable software for restricting users on a computer from changing Internet Explorer settings. It allows disabling, restricting and hiding certain options such as Privacy options, Internet Options, General tab and more. This can be helpful in making sure that other users on a shared computer do not mess with Internet Explorer settings.

Launch IE Option Disabler and select the Internet Explorer options to restrict. The available otpions include:

  • Restricting Users from changing Internet Options
  • Disabling Accessibility Option in General tab
  • Disabling Advanced tab options
  • Disabling Automatic Configuration from LAN Settings
  • Restricting Users from Changing Temporary Internet File Settings
  • Restricting Users from Changing calendar settings
  • Restricting Users from Changing contact list
  • Restricting Users from Changing Content tab options
  • Disabling Internet Connection Wizard
  • Hiding General Tab
  • Hiding Privacy tab

Internet Explorer Options Disabler

When a user tries to access a restricted option (for example Internet Options), an error appears displaying information regarding the blocked feature. To enable a disabled option, launch IE option Disabler and uncheck the respective checkbox.


Download IE Options Disabler