Bookmark, Filter And Highlight Windows Logs For Easy Sorting With GamutLogViewer

GamutLogViewer is an open source log file viewer with easy sorting options. It supports filtering, bookmarking, searching and highlighting logs in different colors to make it easy to sort and compare log files.

Just open a log file from the Open button (Folder icon on top left corner) to start analyzing it.

Log files

You can sort the log file text with the help of buttons from the main menu. Log file text can be sorted by Error, fatal, warning, debug or trace. The button automatically sorts the log according to the selected option. For example, to view debug or error information, click the Debug or Error button.


You can add/remove sorting button to the main interface by selecting Preferences from View drop down menu. From here, you can add/remove specific options to the toolbar for sorting logs according to a specific criteria.


To further refine the logs you can add color and bookmark rows from right-click menu. The bookmarked and highlighted columns can be quite handy for later evaluation and comparison of log files.


GamutLogViewer works on:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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