Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook, Resize & Upload Photos To Facebook

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is a free desktop software for uploading photos to Facebook with options to resize and compress images before uploading them. It also provides right-click menu integration for instantly uploading images to a connected Facebook account by right clicking on an image and selecting the upload option. This helps to easily create and update albums without using the default Facebook uploader, which often becomes non responsive during batch image uploading.

Easy Photo Uploader prompts the selection of pictures to upload, when it is launched. Select one or more photos to continue with the uploading process.

Select Pictures

Then click Connect button, login with your Facebook account and authorize the Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook application. You can upload pictures to one or more accounts (but not simultaneously).

Multiple accounts

Select an albums from your Facebook account, or select Create New Album option to create and upload pictures to a new album.


If you choose to create a new album, a new window will pop-up. Enter the name , location and privacy settings for the new album which you wish to create.

Create Album

Once an album is specified, the pictures will begin uploading.


You can also upload images via right click  menu.

Context menu

To manage batch image resizing options, go to Settings (button located at the bottom of the main interface).


The images are directly updated to selected album and therefore require no complicated specifications.


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Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook