F-Ace Is A Lightweight Facebook Chat Client And Message Notifier

Facebook Chat seems to have replaced many instant messaging and chat services. For this reason, it’s functionality from the Facebook website is now being replicated in numerous chat clients. We saw such a move recently in the form of Facebook chat integration with Skype. F-Ace is a lightweight chat client for Facebook. It not only acts as a client for Facebook chat, but also provides profile notification messages when your are away from your computer or offline.

As F-Ace is an ad-supported chat client, therefore, it attempts to install a toolbar and tries to change the default search engine and browser homepage at installation. Make sure you uncheck the check boxes during installation to avoid making unnecessary changes to your browser settings. Click Start Free Installation and F-ACE will be instantly installed. Although this option is large enough, however, it can be mistaken for an ad at first glance.

Start Installation

Once F-Ace is launched, you will require logging in with your Facebook account.


After that, authorize the F-Ace application.


Once done, you will be able to chat with your online Facebook friends. All online contacts are displayed with thumbnail images, whereas, the names of contacts which were recently online, are displayed on the Offline section. Double click on any contact name to begin chatting.


You can also configure F-Ace options from Settings. From here, you can enable running F-Ace at Windows startup, get notifications for, stories posted in your stream, new friend requests, new messages, group invites, and event invites.


Notifications viewed via F-ACE can also be automatically marked as read.


F-Ace works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download F-Ace