Find And Remove Duplicate Audio Files With Dupe Guru Music Edition

Dupe Guru ME (Music Edition) is a cross-platform application which removes duplicate audio files, tags and content. It has versions available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems. The best feature of this free software is that it scans for not just duplicate files but can also be configured to scan duplicate tags and content within your music collection. This can help you remove clutter from your hard disk and music collection.

Using Dupe Guru ME is easy, just add the folders which you wish to remove duplicate music files from and click Scan.


This will display a list of duplicate files from the selected folders.

Duplicate Files

You can right click on a duplicate file to send it to the Recycle Bin, move, copy or remove it from the scan result, open it with a particular program, Invoke a custom command or to rename it.

Right-Click menu

To configure advanced options, go to View –> Preferences from the drop down menu at the top. You can configure Dupe Guru to scan for duplicate files, tags or content, select specific tags (Track, Artist, Album, Title, Genre or Year), and enable the following options to identify duplicates: match similar words, mix file kind, use regular expressions when filtering and remove empty folders on delete or move.


Dupe Guru Music Edition is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu

Download Dupe Guru Music Edition