Find Out Who Is Using Your Wireless Connection & Identify Intruders

Wireless Network Connections are often at risk of being accessed by intruders who choke bandwidth by accessing other people’s wireless connections. This can occur for both unsecure and protected networks, as wireless network packets are easy to access for hacker to break into Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless Network Watcher is a free and portable software which scans your wireless network and displays the list of connected devices to help you identify intruders which may have accessed your Wireless connection. The available information includes, IP, MAC address, computer name and network card manufacturer’s name.

To get  a list of connected devices to your Wi-Fi network, launch Wireless Network Watcher application. The information will be automatically displayed, however, you can also scan the network manually from File –> Start Scanning. As this application is portable, therefore, it does not require installation.

Wireless Network Watcher

In rare cases it is possible that Wireless Network Watcher might not detect the correct wireless network adapter, in such a case you can go to Options –> Advanced options and select a wireless network adapter manually.

Advanced Options

You can also export the device information in HTML, XML, CSV, and text file format or copy it to the clipboard via right-click menu.


Wireless Network Watcher is designed for Wireless networks, however,  it can also be used to scan small wired networks. Wireless Network Watcher works on

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