Free CyberGhost VPN Protects Your Privacy & Encrypts Connection

CyberGhost is a free VPN service like TunnelBear, which is meant to allow users to surf anonymously with an alternative foreign IP and encrypted connection to help secure their internet connection. Once you run CyberGhost, your internet connection is routed through the VPN service with an SSL encrypted connection which conceals your true identity online and protects you from hackers.

You will require  CyberGhost login credentials to start the VPN connection. You can sign up for an account at the CyberGhost website (link given at the end of this post).


Click on Connect to VPN to start the service.

Main Interface

This will change your IP and other network credentials as your network will route through the CyberGhost VPN service to protect your privacy.

IP Address

You can choose to check password security, enable automatic login, delete cookies and history at disconnection of the VPN, and auto start CyberGhost when Windows starts from Settings menu.



CyberGhost does not provide a US IP in the free version, therefore, you cannot access websites like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc, unless you have the Pro version. CyberGhost focuses more on network encryption and security, rather than bypassing restrictions imposed by  websites. The streaming even in the free version however, is quite smooth and so is the connection with the VPN.



CyberGhost VPN works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download CyberGhostVPN