Get 4th And Square: FourSquare App For Windows 8

4th & Square is an application for FourSquare for Windows 8 users, which has been made available at the Windows Store. For those of you who are new to the Windows Store, it is a place where you can get applications for Windows 8.

Before we move ahead with the review of this application let me explain (for new users) that FourSquare is a famous service which is used to share and save places that you visit. It is used by people to get personalized recommendations based on their location. After its popularity for smartphones, the Windows 8 app has been made available. Some of the major features for 4th& Square include the following:

  • You can check in to nearby locations with your Windows 8 device
  • Check out what your FourSquare friends are up to.
  • Explore and search for places nearby (e.g. a coffee shop)
  • Get reminders to check-in when you visit new locations
  • Read and share your tips regarding local hot spots

You can start using any of the above mentioned features by selecting a navigation option from your main screen (e.g. Check-in, Friends or Explore option).

FourSquare App For Windows 8

Since Microsoft is looking to develop an app store such as Google Play and iTunes, that’s why some applications on the Windows store are paid. Unfortunately, 4th& Square is one of these applications. It costs $1.99.

Post Update: A free version has been made available by the developer, the download link for the free version has been added at the end of this post. Moreover, the app is now known as 4th at Square.

4th & Square

If you would like to download the Foursquare mobile application for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone or another device, then refer to the links given at the end of this post.

FourSquare Mobile App

For more information about the FourSquare service, check out the video given below.

You can get 4th at Square app for Windows 8 from the link given below. In case you wish to download the FourSquare app for your iOS, Android or BlackBerry device, then see the third download link.

Download 4th at Square (Windows 8 Paid Version)

Download 4th at Square Lite (Windows 8 Free Version)

Download FourSquare (Android, iPhone and BlackBerry)