Get Free High Resolution Covers For Movies & TV Shows With Synopsis, Movie411

Movie411 is a portable software which allows downloading High Resolution covers, as well as synopsis and other detailed information for Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows. This can be useful formovie and TV buffs who prefer keeping their digital collection organized with appropriate movie covers, synopsis, cast, director, rating, runtime and other relevant information.

The downloading of required information and covers is not dependent on having the video file of the respective movie or TV Series available, as the content is searched according to the title. However, if you have the movie or TV series on your hard disk, then you can optionally benefit from Renaming feature of Movie411software, to automatically name your video file and folder according to the movie or TV Show title.

Just enter the name of a movie or TV Show, select the items to download (including movie details, front and back cover), choose a folder and click Search. You can also name videos according to the selected movie or TV Show name automatically by checking the Folder and Video checkboxes.

Movie411 v1.3.7

You will be presented with matching titles, select the title and click Save to save the information and covers. A thumbnail image will be generated each time you click on a title name to help you verify the right title.


This high resolution cover and associated information (in the form a Text file) will instantly be saved in your defined folder.

Dark Knight

Movie 411 works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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