Get Instant Google Plus Desktop Notifications With Google+ Notifier

G+ Notifier is a desktop notification client for Google Plus. It displays all notifications in the form of pop-up messages and in list view, from your system tray. Some of its main features include:

  • Periodic checks for new notifications in Google+
  • A Display of unread messages in the form of a notification icon
  • Windows balloon notifications or Snarl popups when new notifications are detected
  • A Popup notifications window for quick access to notifications without launching the browser
  • Easy (or automatic, if enabled) installation of updates

Simply run the DanTup.GplusNotifier.exe to start Google+ Notifier. Then right-click on it’s system tray icon and login to your Google Plus account. After that, it will start providing you with unread notification, a bubble message will show up, to display the number of items which you haven’t checked.


Clicking on its icon will display a list of your Google Plus notifications (including the new and previously received notifications). To check your Google+ stream, double-click system tray icon to open your Google+ stream in default browser to get redirected your profile.

Menu pane

If you would like to suggest more features to the developer, check out the Suggestions page on the developers website and provide your feedback by leaving a comment. G+ Notifier is an open source software which works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download G+ Notifier