Get JumpPad, A Mac Style Launcher For Windows 7 & Windows Vista

JumpPad is a portable Mac OS X style Launchpad for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It uses features like hot corners, has configuration options for icon size and folder paths to add shortcuts. The aim of JumpPad is to provide the new Mac style launcher for Windows.

After launching JumpPad you will be able to view the icons by hovering your mouse to the top right corner of the desktop. For the very first time, JumpPad might take some time to start.


Clicking on the Tick button displays the configuration options which can be used to assign folders containing shortcuts (e.g. the Desktop).


It is worth mentioning here that it can take a longer period of time for JumpPad to work if your assigned folder has too many folder or sub-folder which it may require scanning. Therefore, if there are too many directories that JumpPad requires scanning, it might appear frozen for a while.


JumpPad works on the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download JumpPad