Get Mac and iPad2 Style PhotoBooth For Windows 7

Photo Booth is a photo taking application for Mac OS X and iPad 2PhotoBooth For Win7 is a portable application developed by a third party developer to give Windows 7 users the Mac style Photo Booth. It allows quickly taking snaps with or without effects and provides sharing options for Facebook and Flickr.


It auto detects your default webcam and allows taking quick snaps. You can click Effects button to view the numerous effects which can be applied. Select a desired effect and hit the Camera button to take snaps.


Once the camera icon is clicked, it start taking snaps after 3 seconds. If you select an effect, four thumbnail snaps are captured one after the other. For a single picture, click the Camera button without selecting  and effects.


You can share your picture on Facebook and Flickr by authorizing your account via PhotoBooth for Win 7 application. To save your picture click Download and select a destination to save it (e.g. Desktop).


PhotoBooth For Win7 also comes with additional effects such as numerous backgrounds. These backgrounds can be used to take a picture with a background of clouds, the moon, sea, etc.


PhotoBooth for Win 7 also provides additional mirror effects which are not available in the original Photo Booth software.


PhotoBooth For Win7 works only for Windows 7.

Download PhotoBooth For Win7