Get Mac OS X Lion And iPad Style Launchpad In Windows 7 – iPad Launcher For Win7

If you are an iPad or Mac OS X Lion user and want an iPad style Launchpad for your Windows 7 PC, then check out iPad Launcher For Win7. It is an iPad style launcher which allows quickly launching applications.  It also comes with an elegant lock screen feature to lock your screen with a password, which allows you to lock your desktop without having to log off. You can add selected applications to the launcher and assign custom icons to give it a more stylish look. When the launcher is executed, the rest of the desktop screen blurs and the application icons pop-up. Clicking on an icon launches the assigned program.

The launcher can be installed from the simple setup file. By default no applications are assigned so you have to add application paths to create shortcuts. See below instructions for more.

iPad launcher for Windows 7

To assign a custom shortcut, click on any of the App icon (pencil icons), select a PNG or ICO image to assign an image and specify the application path (e.g. C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Chrome). Click Save to create your shortcut on the Launchpad.

Internet Explorer

To lock the screen, click Home button at the bottom of the interface. The first time you click on this button, it will ask you to set a password.


This password will be used to unlock the screen each time from then onwards.


iPad Launcher For Win7 works on Windows 7 only.

Download iPad Launcher for Win7