Get Mirro, The Audio Player With Transparent Aero Glass Interface

Mirro Player is a transparent audio player with the Windows 7 Aero Glass look. It has an Aero style see through interface which completely merges with the existing wallpaper. It supports many file formats such as WAV, Mp4, Mp3, WMV, and MOV and many more. It’s auto playlist feature, saves your playback list and repeats it in a loop. This audio player has been developed by dncube from the Ask VG team.

To play an audio file, click on the blue music icon and select the audio file from your hard drive. The track navigation controls are the same as any common audio player quite self explanatory from their icons. Nonetheless, you might want to watch out for the volume control which can sometimes get hidden by the background wallpaper. It is located just above the navigation buttons at the bottom of the interface.

Media Player

Mirro is a standalone player with no complicated settings and plays audio tracks in a loop one after the other. It works with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Mirro Player

[via ASK VG]