Get Quick Access To Essential Windows Options With Handy Shortcuts

Ever wanted to Lock your screen or Clear the clipboard in a single click? How about running a 3D Flip or enabling the screen saver from a shortcut button?

Handy Shortcuts is a portable application which allows adding up to twenty useful shortcuts to your desktop. These include shortcuts to switch user, shutdown, restart, log off, lock or hibernate PC, single click access to Device manager, Windows Defender, Add & Remove Programs, Windows Security, Windows DVD maker, activation of screen saver or 3D Flip, hardware removal and so on. Handy Shortcuts can be useful for adding these frequently used options to the desktop, in order to access them in a click. For example, a Device Manager or Add & Remove programs can be quite conveniently accessed right from he desktop, instead of opening them from the Control panel or other Windows paths. Likewise, you can empty the clipboard or lock the system from a desktop shortcut.

Shortcuts 3

Just launch handy Shortcuts and click Create next to the options which you wish to get desktop shortcuts for. The Basic tab contains options for system shutdown, log off, restart, Device Manager, Windows Security, etc. These are quite basic options which are commonly required by users, therefore they are located in the Basic tab.

Handy Shortcuts

On the contrary, the Advanced tab contains options for advanced users. These include access to Firewall, Master Control Panel, Windows Defender and screen saver/3D flip.


Handy Shortcuts works on

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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