Get Reminders To Rest Your Eyes From The Computer Screen With FadeTop

It is necessary to rest your eyes periodically when using  a computer. Most people however, are so consumed in their work that they seldom realize the need to rest their eyes until the suffer from a major issue.

FadeTop is a visual break reminder application which fades your screen to remind you to rest your eyes from the computer screen. People with eye problems can greatly benefit from this app by setting a custom time for getting reminders. You can control everything from the reminder time, to the color of the blurred screen, as well as it’s transparency level to suite your needs.


You can access options and manually enable or disable the blur screen from the system tray menu.

System Tray

From options, you can select an auto fade interval, fade duration, maximum opacity (transparency) of the faded screen, color of the blur screen and overlay color, as well as text size. You can check “Block fader…” option to make sure that the screen does not fade when you are running a full screen program. Reducing the opacity to a lower level like 10 can also help make the app unobtrusive. Similarly you can set an opacity of 255 to make the screen invisible until the fade duration is completed.

FadeTop Options

So give your eyes some rest and get that blinking rate going again with FadeTop. It works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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